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Gifts , Coaching , Counselling, Workshops and Retreats for the Evolving Soul

We have a beautiful range of Crystals, Salt Lamps, Books, Cd's, Jewelry, Dream Catchers, Smudge sticks, Aromatherapy, Candles/melts , Angels, Buddha's and gifts galore!

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At Soul Love & Happiness , we offer you ongoing guidance to sustain your souls highest calling.

Soul Love And Happiness - Sacred Soul Workshops & Retreats - Australia, Bali, Vanuatu

Desert Spirit - A Journey into the Heart & Soul

Meditation Retreat - The simple discovery of Presence & Awakening

The longest journey is from the head to the heart...the deepest journey is from the heart to the soul

True Awakening is about Loving What Is , Allowing, Letting go and resting in Presence 

A retreat is a response to the call of the heart which beckons us towards the reality and the Truth of our Being.

An Ordinary Moment - Soul Mastery Retreat

An Ordinary Moment Soul Mastery Retreat is about experiencing simple uncomplicated and complete liberation and freedom from daily struggles , stress , anxiety , depression and confusion and reminds us of our True Nature of Pure Awareness.

Evolutionary Awakening 

This Retreat invites you to experience the modern philosophy and enlightening truth of “Who am I”. In this retreat you learn to understand the immediate and simple answer to what life is all about, why are we here and why we continue to search for deeper fulfillment.

The Heart & Soul of Awakening 

A day of Loving your SELF...because you deserve MORE Love...Not Less.  The first step to awakening is to know our True Nature and to love ourselves completely in all ways.

Tibetan Usui Reiki

Reiki is a vibrational or subtle energy therapy believed to balance the human body’s biofield and strengthen the body’s ability to heal itself. Reiki is a Japanese word interpreted as “spiritual consciousness coupled with the universal life force.” 

FREE Meditation Downloads 

Downloads are free for personal use 

Shamanic Pathway - Sacred Shaman Oracle

You will experience two days of total immersion in the Transcendent Evolution of Modern Urban Shamanism.

21 Day Meditation Program - Free Download

Downloads are free for personal use


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