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Psychic Phone Readings

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Psychic Guidance Phone Readings Available Australia Wide at your Convenience! Are you in need of a bit of clarity or looking for some direction? Is your life at a crossroads? Would you like answers to what comes next? Love, career, relationships, life purpose, health and more! Accurate Psychic Guidance with one of Australia's proven top Psychics is available. Appointments available! For an extremely healing experience phone and book your appointment today! +61406456361

Soul Readings

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Soul readings can be an excellent way to gain some perspective, almost like taking an “aerial” view – an overview of a particular situation, set of conditions or life patterns. A reading helps you to identify what is influencing your success, and what you can do about it.

Too often we find ourselves defined, and thus limited, by the circumstances of daily life. Soul readings explore the spiritual purpose behind everyday experiences, reflecting your life path back to you from a higher perspective.

Soul readings are for those individuals who wish to undertake or have a deeper understanding of 'Self' & Soul. The purpose of these readings are to take you from where you are now to where you wish to go, by understanding the depths of the inner Soul and its presence and purpose in your life, and thus you can begin to work in harmony & partnership with your Soul, to support your life's Universal and Physical destiny.

Soul readings present direct and clear guidance required for the awakening, inner peace , love , joy and success of your Souls pathway. A Soul reading will help you see the patterns that are occurring in your life and assist in bringing clarity to questions and situations. Soul readings show you what actions are required in order to manifest change and resolution. Soul readings are presented through the means of connection with your own higher self and divine consciousness. Learn how to change past life habits, strengthen future healing abilities, notice external energies that distract you from achieving goals and receive spiritual guidance

* Gain clarity, insight and direction

* Highlight areas that need attention and change

* Find peace of mind free from anxiety, fear or stress

* ReConnect with your personal truth

What has your Soul come to address?

What has been your Souls past life pattern?

What is the next step on your Souls path?

What are the obstacles on your souls path?

Our goal with every reading is provide you with valuable information about what is going on around you along with practical insights about your options, thus empowering you to make better choices. We believe that through helping our clients to work with the unique conditions of their lives, they will realize their own power of choice and the strength of spirit that comes from within.

$ 75 for 30mins

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