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The Infinite Soul Series are a series of programs to assist in an Evolutionary Awakening of humanity.

In today’s fast paced modern world , Meditation has become an increasingly popular spiritual and practical practice and there are many different kinds of meditation to choose

from. Many people have tried a variety of forms or been exposed to meditation in different contexts. Each style of meditation is intended to produce specific results.

You might be familiar with meditations that ask us to focus our attention, such as on a mantra, sound, candleflame, or mandala. These meditations require a high degree of concentration and are known as concentration meditation.

The meditations conducted in the context of the “Infinite Soul Series”and programs are of a genre that have traditionally been known as awareness-based meditation, insight meditation or non-dual meditation.

In this form of meditation, the goal is not concentration or focusing on objects. Rather, these meditations are designed to cultivate a deep experience of our true nature beyond the mind, promote awareness and presence, and help us to dis-identify with our thoughts and feelings, reducing distortion so that we can respond to life with greater accuracy and clarity.