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A Journey of Liberation

Awakening to Evolution

Reflect on the evolutionary journey of the Cosmos—the 14 billion year creative unfolding that began with the Big Bang. Feel the evolutionary impulse that surged forth, first as an impulse to create and organize the material universe, then as an impulse to create and evolve life in all its beauty and diversity, then, with the birth of the human, as an impulse to create and evolve culture into ever higher expressions of complexity and integration. Now, feel how this same impulse is surging in your own heart as the desire to grow and evolve in consciousness, to both know the Source, and to participate in the higher, creative unfolding of consciousness and a more evolved, enlightened humanity. Recognize that by practicing meditation wholeheartedly, you are helping to liberate consciousness from the patterns of the past and the inertia of its embededness in matter, so that it can consciously and freely evolve through your participation. Enter into meditation rooted in this pure intention to free consciousness for the highest possible reasons....

The fundamental meditation system to cultivate clarity, awareness and authentic spiritual awakening

28 day intensive Meditation 

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