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As a career

Trained Reiki practitioners have numerous options. Traditional healthcare workers like nurses, physical and occupational therapists, social workers and hospice staff often add this training to their complement of patient care skills. This enhances the services they provide with alternative methods of treatment. Independent Reiki healers can charge hourly rates for their services, and those who have achieved master healer status have additional income opportunities through their ability to teach classes. Massage therapists frequently combine Reiki with the other services they provide.

Reiki Masters Degree

To be discussed privately. All participants must have completed Level One and Two Training

Duration 3 days + additional workshop attendance with Robyn

Pre- requisite Level 1 & 2 with the Tibetan Lineage with Robyn Collins

Cost $2000


Attunement process for levels 1 & 2

Teaching process for full weekends Levels 1 & 2

Depth teaching of spiritual awakening



Free attendance to Level 1 & 2 workshops for hands on training and revision