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Radical Forgiveness Healing Circle Ceremony

* Are you ready to get out of the pain that seems to be holding you back from living your life fully?
* Do you want to let go of what may be holding you back from the past?
* Are you recovering from a painful divorce or breakup? Have you been feeling alone and lost?
* Ready for some peace of mind? Ready for a free, open heart?
* Do you desire to be clear and available for love to enter your life?
* Would you like to forgive, but can’t see how? Learn how Radical Forgiveness differs from traditional forgiveness.
* Want to experience the effortless energy of Radical Forgiveness?

One day workshop


Includes Tea/Coffee Supper

Date:  TBA

Venue: Soul Love & Happiness Event Centre

Time: 9.30am registration to start at 10am


10.30 - 12.30 


1.30 - 3.30pm

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Radical Forgiveness Healing Circle Ceremony

This circle is based on a Native American healing circle ceremony. We will walk the circle together and silently honor and witness our story. As we walk, we see we are not alone.

This largely non-verbal process preserves privacy and anonymity, yet has proven itself to be extremely powerful and effective in allowing people to forgive themselves and others, and to find peace and happiness. This 4 -hour event enables people to automatically forgive themselves and many others besides, all at the same time, without having to reveal their story.

The Magic of Radical Forgiveness is it works in a non-threatening, sacred environment, where we witness circumstances but do not relive them. There is no sharing of personal life stories, so this enables each attendee the opportunity and assurance of having a private, intimate experience. It is a wonderful empowering workshop that allows people to let go of the past and heal their lives. In this workshop you will attain the necessary steps that will empower you to leave with not just a transformational experience, but the tools you need to bring joy back into your life.

This tool of Radical Forgiveness is a unique spiritual concept that assists people in removing the unconscious energy that keeps us stuck in un-fulfilling work, relationships and many other life dramas. This strategy will help you settle the struggles faced in life and help you to reach a new level of freedom once and for all..
We will walk the circle to silently honor and witness our story of what happened. As we see others walk too, we realize we are not alone and we honor their pain. After hearing a special Radical Forgiveness story, we walk the circle again and ask inwardly to come to a new place of forgiveness and peace.

This is an amazing, transformative, freeing process. People leave with tears of joy and smiling faces, open hearts and room for miracles!!