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NEXT RETREAT MAY 8th - 15th 2017

True Awakening is about Loving What Is , Allowing, Letting go and resting in Presence

"A retreat is a response to the call of the heart which beckons us towards the reality and the Truth of our Being. To come to a retreat is to commit yourself entirely to the call of the heart. Retreat is also a time of one pointed inquiry, a commitment to questioning our most cherished ideas and beliefs and to rest in true peace, presence, oneness and liberation".

On a True Awakening Retreat:

  • You will learn how to stay "Present" and at peace with the still and silent core of your Being even in the midst of chaos and heartache.
  • It is about knowing who you REALLY are. Knowing , loving and living as your True nature that transcends above and beyond all physical limitations and boundaries.
  • Discovering the original core of stress , anxiety , exhaustion and depression and becoming FREE forever
  • A deep exploration into limiting tidal waves of self disruption , sabotage, addictions , fixations and the final surrender into the ocean of eternal peace
  • Embracing life and relationships with Radical Acceptance
  • The final pathway to Soul liberation - Ending the search for Enlightenment for good. 

Foundational teachings on retreat are based on AGAPE Love :

"To reach AGAPE Love is to reach into the innermost core of your Divine Being ♥ AGAPE belongs to the ultimate depth of your Being that is an Ego - Less love. It is where personal love is dissolved and only pure radiant silent love prevails.
Agape is a transmission of embodied, incarnate and ever present communion that transforms your Soul and your entire human existence."

Agape gives you the the tools of :

  • Divine "Self" Love 
  • Radical Union
  • Ecstatic Surrender
  • Palpable Forgiveness and Soul healing
  • Infinite stillness and liberation
  • Embodied Presence
  • Silent Conscious Awareness

Experience a week of relaxation, tranquility, meditation, healing and fun.

  • Ongoing support programs and advanced retreats available for all participants.
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 * The Bali Retreat was awesome, it was an opportunity to leave my chaotic life behind to experience an adventure of a lifetime. I learnt so much in such a short time while enjoying the sights and sounds of Bali. The biggest gift I received was the ability to be "still", to not participate in the drama of my life, to observe and watch it unfold. By doing this I am able to be a more effective communicator and better parent to my autistic children. Before participating in this Retreat I was stressed and strung out - now I am soft and in flow. This Retreat was fabulous in every way, the accommodation, the drivers, the fellow participants, the whole Balinese experience was incredible. I am grateful for my time in Bali and I look forward to incorporating what I have learnt into my every day life.

Thank you Robyn xx Tracey - Queensland

*  "A True Awakening"  - Robyn Collins  masterfully guides you on your journey into discovery of your soul and the true essence of your being. Deceptively simple yet, penetrating your core, to unlocking your soul to a natural awakening. The clarity, peace, groundedness and stillness achieved from the retreat is something I have not achieved before from the other modalities I have tried. It's just the ticket to creating stillness in ones life. Pure bliss.

Peter, NSW, Australia.

*   “I came to the retreat thinking I was ‘open to the universe’ but it assisted me to open even further to the silent space that resides within me. The gripping of the ego which tugged at me before I left Bali was put at ease throughout the retreat during many moments of realisation. Upon my return home I found myself feeling more relaxed than ever, dancing with the flow of life instead of attaching myself to my surroundings that I attempted to control.”

Stephanie, Yoga Teacher.

* I wanted to write you to thank you for the most enlightening experience of my life as Layla. I feel so much gratitude for the gift you have given me and others.

Already, my life has been transformed beyond likeness of the mask I wore before. It seems like magic that my relative truth is mirroring my heart too. Shackles of my thoughts of others are resolved in a forgiving loving embrace. I free others of judgement and see the love that is them…I set myself free! I am still high as a kite. I’m still riding the wave of the love that I AM.

From the endless bottom of my heart I send you my love.

You rock!

Layla – Sydney

*  Wow! What a ride, I'm sure people are thinking who are you and is the real Kristen left somewhere in Bali???

The friendships made with so many other beautiful Souls are something that will never end. The eye opening reality of how it feels to be truly awakened is something I don't think I can put into words. I will say my gratitude to those that shared and allowed me to share with them is eternal. The power of what we achieved not only effected us but those we left at home. Finally I am free and can't wait for the rest of the adventure.Robyn Collins you are a blessing to all paths you cross. A big THANK YOU for crossing mine. Love and laughter . Kristen  - Lithgow

* When I spoke to Robyn on the phone a week before the retreat in Bali I told her I just wanted to do more with my life but didn't know what it was. She said 'I know' (conceited I thought) and then 'Come to Bali, you'll come back a different person.' I doubted that.

I AM a totally different person and my life has changed completely. This retreat is totally transformational... TOTALLY.

There are no adequate words to describe the brilliance of Robyn Collins and the work she has been chosen to do to bring Awakening, 'True Awakening' to humanity.

If you would like to have this experience that will change your life forever 'Come to Bali' True Awakening with Robyn Collins. Milly - Melbourne

* There are absolutely no words to express the complete & profound love, truth and absolute joy that is simply & freely embodied in me & flowing through me. My life has changed forever. Thank you Robyn & all those beautiful people who took this life changing journey with me in Bali at the True Awakening Retreat , Om Shanti. Dave - Adelaide

"TRUE AWAKENING RETREAT" is just as like the title says...................... The awakening experienced was extraordinary. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't reflect back on the teachings, awareness of stillness, as well as all the beautiful people I shared this journey with,

Parts of my journey are indescribable, feelings are is felt...."It Just Is". I am ever so grateful for embracing this opportunity to grow, discover and experience ME....... The energy created "WOW".

The energy of the spiritual retreat centre and Ubud is of pure bliss Heart felt thanks to Robyn Collins, Om Shanti beautiful lady - Shelly - Melbourne

 * Such an amazing week that culminated in my confirmation and full acceptance of my being ❤️ So blessed to have this experience with like minded kindred souls who walk the path eternally now together....such beautiful true connections on every dimension 💕💕 such gratitude and love Robyn 💕thank you ❤️  - Astral

* Last evening of Robyn Collins True Awakening Retreat Totally enjoyed the experience & the wonders thats instilled within something that you don't get until you've traveled this Awakening. - Russell

*   There are no words for this - Jodie

Refund Policy:
If the participant withdraws or transfers from the retreat, the following refund policy applies:

a) If the participant withdraws 3 months prior to the retreat commencement the participant will receive 75% of the full retreat fee, minus an administration fee of $250.

b) If the participant withdraws 2 months prior to retreat commencement the participant will receive 50% of the full retreat fee, minus an administration fee of $250.

c) If the participant withdraws 1 month prior to participant commencement or withdraws after the retreat commences, the full retreat fee is non-refundable.

Flights not included - Please contact us before booking your flights to verify correct travel dates. 

To book call Robyn on 0450509882  or email [email protected]

* Policy received upon booking